Tuesday, August 23, 2011

HP Touchpad, definitely worth my hundred bucks.

It's been a while and it's great to see my blogging account still active. The only thing missing are the uptodate entries and a little bit of dedication on my behalf.

Nonetheless, I am back and plan to frequent my blog more than ever.

Lately, I've had extra money lying around. Not sure what to spend it on or what to really do in the worst world economy since the Great Depression. I then get a phone call, Friday night, from a friend to go with him to Best Buy to load up on "supplies".

I had no idea that we were in line for purchasing the recently discounted HP Touchpad.

I'd bought a total of 3 while my manipulatively eager friend purchased 8 and is still on the move to buy a few more after the second wave comes around.

2011 is quietly becoming the year of the tablet. If other companies start to follow HP's lead, the overall outlook and usefulness of the tablet will be forever changed.


  1. Nice deal except for the fact that they're no longer supported. I'm sure you can resell them to a few people at a profit when supplies run out.


  2. Good purchase, those things are fun to play around with.

    If you still have extra money though, you can give it to me. :D

  3. Good deal, got given a tablet PC recently.

  4. That's neat. I still can't believe they're selling them for so cheap.

  5. Well, congratulations. I wish it was so cheap as it´s there.

  6. I would think twice before buying a tablet, a portable windows device, or either an HP product that's not a printer/all-in-one. But well, hope it's a good deal ;-)

  7. I don't really see the point of a tablet, so I'm skeptical at best about these