Tuesday, August 23, 2011

HP Touchpad, definitely worth my hundred bucks.

It's been a while and it's great to see my blogging account still active. The only thing missing are the uptodate entries and a little bit of dedication on my behalf.

Nonetheless, I am back and plan to frequent my blog more than ever.

Lately, I've had extra money lying around. Not sure what to spend it on or what to really do in the worst world economy since the Great Depression. I then get a phone call, Friday night, from a friend to go with him to Best Buy to load up on "supplies".

I had no idea that we were in line for purchasing the recently discounted HP Touchpad.

I'd bought a total of 3 while my manipulatively eager friend purchased 8 and is still on the move to buy a few more after the second wave comes around.

2011 is quietly becoming the year of the tablet. If other companies start to follow HP's lead, the overall outlook and usefulness of the tablet will be forever changed.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Back on track

I apologize for the delayed post. The last 3 days havent been the smoothest.. but I am back. I am pretty sure you all are tired of this piece but I will do one last entry based on it, until I am able to catch up with and sit down with the artist.

Here is the image, for those that missed my first entry.


I would like to thank xKrakenx501 for piquing my curiosity when he wondered what it was made out of. Trying to catch up with the artist and deciding whether or not I'd be willing to disassemble this piece took the bulk of my time. Catching up with the artist David Rees, a recent graduate from the local Art college here, proved to be incredibly difficult. It annoyed me even more to find out that he dismissed the idea of an interview and wouldn't allow me to view or purchase any of his other works. This fact disappointed me a ton and realising that not all artist seek fame and attention ruined any hopes for entertaining you all, but it seemed to have re-instilled some hope into humanity. The artist was tall, relatively older than most undergrad students (early thirties), and very talented. Just by his presence and the way he presented himself convinced me that this guy knew what he was doing and that he had the talent to back him up. Though he did not allow me to photograph any of his other works hanging around the gallery within his house, he did help me take apart the piece I had won at an auction.

He also explained to me the name of the piece (Sable), and how he came up with the concept of the piece. 

He tells me that piece was originally supposed to be just a painting. After a few incidental marks on his works and knowledge that the newspaper clippings stamped onto the painting had no chance of standing the test of time. he then thought about weird ways to preserving the piece as best and as long as possible. He also tells me about insects being preserved in sap deposits for years and years to create unique samples of amber. This is the idea he had in mind for creating the illusion of an amber embossed painting.

I truly wish you all could see this in person. The textures, the feel, and even the smell was considered when creating this piece.

"The sable of northern Russia and Siberia (Martes zibellina)." is in the caption below the picture.

The piece, as noted before has two newspaper clippings attached to it. I apologize for the camera quality. I will be getting a better phone (thus a better camera) as soon as I am able to straighten out some loose ends.

The back of the painting looks like this..'

Again, just looking at this piece is not enough. The effort put into really molding both sides of the painting makes it one of my favorites. Though David Rees, the painter, doesn't plan to sell any of his works at this time. He is in the process to moving across the country (West coast) in hopes of establishing and displaying his style of work in local Museums and etc.

I hope to keep in touch with him and possibly have many more pieces of his work to show you all..

Thursday, July 21, 2011

More in-depth look at recent aquisition

I will be providing more pictures of the piece I bought the other day. I'd been busy all day and had no time to even think about blogging. Disassembling the framed work is actually pretty cool. I will edit this post once i have the photos uploaded and time to write it up.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I will try to update this blog as frequently as possible. A friend of mine suggested it, so I'm not sure if there is a minimum requirement or not. To get things rolling, my first post will pretty much be a copy/paste of my About Me page. I don't  think people actually read those, so I will force my readers to get to know me by reading it in a posting. If you have any questions, ideas, or random comments, please comment. I'd very much appreciate it.

A little about me, I'm very open minded and my blog will chronicle random and various acts thoughout my day. I work at a local Salvation Army and come across some neat things people just randomly toss to the side. I'd like everyone to see that doing good for the community and capturing as many moments as possible is one of the best things an individual can do. We are all "brothers and sisters" so kind actions shouldn't be something to be at awe about.

I've go some neat ideas coming soon, to this blog, i hope that someone will be reading this other than me :P

Here is a peice of art work no one considered bidding on at a local charity auction a few weeks ago.

I think that putting up a bid for 30$ was just to steep for the competition :P

I have more angles of the same photo. Don't ask me what the lines represent. I'm in the process of catching up with the artist and inquire about a potential interview that could be posted onto this blog.